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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Week 15: My Learning

Monday, December 06, 2010

It is hard to believe that we are in the fifteenth week of this class. Time literally has just flown by. Though the end is right around the corner, I still have a ton to accomplish before I can say I have closed this chapter of R685 "The World is Open with Web Technology" I have to open my personal door, my mind, to the Web 2.0 that is out there beyond this class. Each week of this class has been filled with articles, videos, group discussions, an guest speakers that have more than enough information to make 15 different classes instead of compiling them all into one. It was once thought that the more people use technology, the less social able they would be. According to the article Technology doesn't isolate people: U.S. study, technology can enhance a persons' sociability. How? A person is able to talk about something they know and are passionate about such as technology in this technology advancing world. What was once deemed to be nerdy and awkward to talk about, is not soically acceptable and necessry in this wide opening world.

For me, this class has been filled with both ups and downs. Downs would be I am just know starting to understand this whole Web 2.0 concept, I wish I had done my weekly blog post and commented on my critical friends video blog and blog weekly and I wish I had more technology background prior to the entrance of this class. Despite these deemed negative exposures, I have not only learned from my mistakes, I have also learned a tremendous amount from this class. The topics that I have been so thrilled to learn over these past weeks:

       1. Intro to Open World and Neo Millennial/Web 2.0 Learners
       2. Digital Literacy Skills
       3. The Sudden Explosion of E-Books and E-Book Readers
       4. The Continued Expansion of Blended and Fully Online Learning
       5. The Movement toward Free and Open Source Software
       6. Open Educational Resources (OER) and OpenCourseWare (OCW)
       7. Connectivism, Social Knowledge, and Participatory Learning
       8. Wikis, Wikipedia, Wikibooks, and Collaborative Writing
       9. YouTube, TeacherTube, and the Future of Shared Online Video
     10. Interactive and Collaborative Learning
     11. Alternate Reality Learning: Massive Gaming, Virtual Reality, and Simulations
     12. Educational Blogging
     13. Mobile, Wireless, and Ubiquitous Learning
     14. Podcasting, Webcasting, and Coursecasting
     15. Networks of Personalized Learning (including online language learning)

through each of the entitled lectures, have been very helpful to me in this technology advancing world. 

The last day of class will be filled with individual and one group presentation in a form of one of the Web 2.0 Technologies heavily discussed in this class. From YouTube to Podcast to Video Blogging, and Second Life just to name a few. This class is one of a kind in terms of Web 2.0. I can truly say from my current understanding of this class that "The World is Open...with Web Technologies." :) -Curt Bonk, Ph.D.

1. Technology doesn't isolate people: U.S. study (Agencies) Updated: 2009-11-06 11:05 http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/life/2009-11/06/content_8924083.htm


  1. Hi Elke,

    The last week of this class is about networks of personalized learning. This topic in my opinion is the actual application of all the things we learned in this class. The availability of intercontinental services like Livemocha and Chinesepod etc is bringing all the tools and concepts we discussed so far into real-life application. AS for isolation, I think that the user determine whether to be isolated or not due to the hours spent online. Looking at Livemocha for Example, people are more engaged than before in their own learning and teaching (the article: Learning Languages in Context), another tool that actually promote social interaction, it is called Couchserving.com.

    WEB 2.0 with its all new features are actually becoming an old trend as more interaction and real-time application are demanded. I hope we get the chance to practice some of what we explored and be able to keep up with the exploding techs.


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